We believe one-on-one, independent advice, and accountability is the key to helping many of us achieve financial “success.” That’s why I was so intrigued when I saw Erin Lowry, the author famous for her book Broke Millennial, has started offering a six-week financial coaching problem.

While I love anybody promoting financial well-being, I am concerned that her program, which costs a ‘cool’ $499 (if you pay upfront), doesn’t align with her voiced mission that people need the most help with debt. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think everything in life is free… but that $499 could be used to actually go towards paying down or paying off debt, and/or socking it away into an emergency savings account for a rainy day.

Additionally – I think consumers should consider engaging licensed, experienced financial professionals that are required to provide advice and guidance in one’s best interest and not necessarily a financial blogger who is earning fees and compensation from advertisers and sharing your data with third parties.

The great news is that many companies and organizations are starting to engage independent advisory firms (like ours) to deliver this kind of advice inside their retirement benefit – again, from licensed professionals (like CFP, AIF, and CPFA designees) who are required to act in their best interest.

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