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Financial stress is on the rise and employees are looking to their employers for help.

Up to $1,900 per employee

That’s the yearly cost of employee
financial stress for an organization.

(SOURCE: John Hancock)

44% of employees

Believe that their employer cares about their personal financial wellbeing.


71% of employees

Have leveraged employer-provided personal financial planning resources and programs.


Ultimately, your employees are looking for advice they can trust from advisors who are acting in their best interest.

Our financial wellness program is designed to meet your employees where they are and to help ensure your advisor is providing the right guidance and advice to meet their unique needs. Your advisor acts as a fiduciary to help your employees make meaningful progress in their financial life - we are not here to sell products.

So, how does one build an effective
financial wellness program?


S T E P  1

S T E P  2
Build a
Customized Plan

S T E P  3
Communication & Implementation

S T E P  4
Monitor Results


S T E P  1

First and foremost, we start with your employees.

Through the financial wellness assessment, our team gathers critical information about your employee base to learn about their top financial roadblocks, priorities, and goals.

We then take the data we have gathered to review it along with key quantifiable employee data and your full employee benefit and wellness programs to ensure we have a full picture of your community’s needs.

S T E P  2
Build a Customized Plan

Based on the results of MoneyNav's analysis, our team will map out a plan to directly address the top priority and concerns for your employees. Our program is comprised of:

In-person & Virtual
Live Group Workshops

One-on-one Financial
Coaching Sessions with
Your Financial Coaches

On-call Phone
and Email Support

Access to Online Financial Wellness Platform – MyMoneyNav

S T E P  3
Communication & Implementation

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Program Promotion

Our goal is to take much of the work in promoting and delivering the program off of your shoulders.

Our team will proactively create payroll mailers, email campaigns, employee portal postings, flyers, and other promotional materials to help you champion the financial wellness program across your employee population.

Group Workshops & Financial Coaching

Your advisors and financial coaches will be available throughout the year to join you on-site and virtually for group workshops and individual financial coaching sessions.

Our group workshop topics span a wide area of categories. From how to build a budget to how to claim social security, we have topics to address your employees’ needs.

Our 30-minute (or more) financial coaching sessions are a chance for your employees to meet one-on-one with an advisor to get answers to their unique questions and concerns and build a relationship in order to achieve their financial milestones, step-by-step. Common topics we discuss include:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt reduction
  • Emergency Savings
  • Goal-based Savings
  • Investing
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Needs
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Employees Together


Through our financial wellness program, your employees will have access to our proprietary financial wellness platform and dashboard. Based on their specific responses to our financial wellness assessment and conversations with our financial coaches, our team can assign goals and to-dos to help them make progress towards (and hold them accountable for) the goals they would like to achieve. Through MyMoneyNav, employees can:

    • Identify their top goals and priorities and be directed to the specific MoneyNav content that will help them along their journey
    • Aggregate their financial accounts and build a budget to help keep them on-track
    • Run calculations to identify their saving and spending needs 
    • Watch videos and access articles and other resources to deepen their financial know-how.

S T E P  4
Monitor Results


At the end of each year, our team will review the quantitative and qualitative data we compiled throughout the program to help ensure your employees and organization are receiving a value program with tangible positive results.

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