Do you have questions about how Social Security works?

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Watch these short videos below to get answers to basic questions on the basics of Social Security.

How do I qualify for social security?  

The single most asked question about retiring is when most people retire. Can I retire too soon or too late? In this segment, you'll learn all about what it takes to qualify for retirement at the right time. 


Social Security seems complicated. How does it really work?

Can you live without social security, is social security adjusted for inflation, and is social security guaranteed? All these questions and more are highlighted in the segment below. 


What are all of my options?

Think, think, think before you collect. Learning about your options is going to take some time, but be sure to watch the segment below to figure out the best strategy for you when it comes to collecting social security.



Are you still working and filing for social security? 

Avoid the pitfalls of filing for social security too soon and get all the information necessary to make the right choice. Don't miss out on all the benefits available with your social security and watch the clip below.


Will social security be enough?   

If you decide to retire tomorrow do you have enough saved to live the same lifestyle? Listen to the segment below and find out if social security will be enough. 


 Want more?

Watch the full presentation with advisor Jason Dahl here to learn even more about Social Security.