During this very hectic moment in the financial markets and around the world, we continue to receive inquiries regarding what’s happening from a saving and investing aspect. While a market correction isn’t uncommon, this is the first pullback we’ve seen in over 11 years. It's typical for the economy to naturally go through peaks and downfalls over time, but we know how concerning and scary it can be – especially coupled with the unknowns around the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its impact on our health – both individually and as a community. We encourage you to stay disciplined, take a long-term view, and, as much as possible, remain calm during this volatile period. We are not discounting the gravity of this situation, and we are profoundly aware of the seriousness surrounding the virus and the impact such unknowns have on our everyday lives. Please be safe and take daily precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your surrounding communities. As always, and now more than ever, we are here to answer questions and provide our input and guidance to help you navigate your financial goals and priorities during this time.

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