Kacy Reece

(301) 961-8417

Kacy Reece-Balboni

Marketing Manager at AFS 401(k) Retirement Services, LLC 

Why I get up in the morning

Each morning is a fresh start and getting up is pretty great when you know that going to work means you get to do what you love. Every day at AFS 401(k) is an opportunity to expand my knowledge, make new connections, and ultimately help make an impact in someone’s financial life.

How I got here

I graduated from Susquehanna University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies, and a concentrated minor in Photography. I spent the summer after graduation searching for employment as most graduates do and in September 2016, I joined the AFS team. It’s been an incredible learning opportunity and I consider myself so fortunate that I start work every day with a smile on my face. I'm also pursuing my Master's degree in Contemporary Communications at Notre Dame of Maryland University. 

What I do really well

At AFS my strength comes in my differences, and how I use my abilities to collaborate with others. Our small marketing team works closely with advisors taking their vast knowledge and finding creative ways to highlight it. I have enjoyed learning more about the financial industry, though my primary confidence resides with knowing how to get the right lighting in a photograph, or how to compose an engaging blog post. By blending my creative marketing background with our staff of experienced financial professionals, we are able to provide down-to-earth financial guidance for the everyday person.

Who I am really

I’m a proud native of Frederick, Maryland, where I live with my husband, Justin, and our two dogs, Keelie and Nya. On a typical weekend, you’ll most likely find me at home watching my favorite TV show or exploring downtown Frederick in search of delicious restaurants.  

Volunteering has been a passion of mine since before I can remember. I used to work with a non-profit organization called The Arc, which provides assistance to those with physical or mental disabilities. Through The Arc, I spend time with one woman in particular that aspires to learn photography. Working with her is the perfect blend of my passions for photography and serving others.

When I’m not volunteering you can find me living my life with the motto: “Adventure is out there”. Whether it’s going kayaking with friends or trying new food, I’m always ready to take a chance. 

About AFS 401(k)

We are an independent financial advisory team located in Bethesda, MD. We believe everyone deserves to live their best life. We are on a mission to help working Americans take control of their finances and save for their long-term future. We work with many companies, non-profits, and trade associations in the Washington, DC, and mid-Atlantic area, to help them enhance their employee benefits offering, and work directly with employees to help them take meaningful steps towards building a healthier financial life.