Allison Rosenberg

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Allison Rosenberg

Senior Consultant at AFS 401(k) Retirement Services, LLC 

Why I get up in the morning

For me, getting up in the morning is always going to be about the people I’ll be seeing. A fresh day brings an opportunity to meet someone new or make a connection with an employee or client. I enjoy learning more about the people I work with, hearing their stories, and allowing others to get to know me better as well.

How I got here

My road to AFS was unique, as I didn’t start out thinking I’d one day be working in the financial services industry. After graduating from Wake Forest University with a degree in education, I started my career as a classroom teacher. Four years later, I found myself ready to use my teaching skills in a new area, while at the same time looking to have a bit of an adventure. I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer, moved to Paraguay, and worked as a teacher trainer for two years. It was there that I developed a love of teaching adults. Upon my return to the U.S., I looked for a way to combine teaching adults, speaking Spanish, and helping the lives of the people with whom I was working. I surprised myself, and perhaps a few others, by finding that combination in the role of retirement education specialist. After more than 10 years working for a retirement plan provider, conducting group and 1:1 meetings with retirement plan participants, I learned that while Americans have many questions about retirement, they really have questions about all aspects of financial wellness. Not only do they have questions, but for many people, they struggle with putting their questions into words and starting the conversations to gain a better understanding of, and take actions to improve, their own financial picture. As a consultant with AFS, I am able to work with individuals on improving their overall financial health, which of course, still includes retirement savings. 

What I do really well

First and foremost, I am a teacher. I take a genuine interest in the people I meet and pride myself on being relatable, accessible, and respectful of others. Being effective at my job means being able to make people feel comfortable working with me, and then actually teaching different aspects of financial wellness. While I’m really excited about retirement planning, tax diversification, and saving for my kids’ education, I understand completely that not everyone feels the same way. 

Who I am really

Who am I really? Someone who has lived through most of the topics I am often presenting. I graduated with student loans and still remember how happy I was the day I paid them off. I married another returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Adam, and we then navigated the DC real estate market and bought a home together. Our first child, Frances, was born and we had to figure out (and pay for) child care. Two years later our second child, Moses, was born and while we had the child care figured out, we still needed to figure out how to pay for it. These days you can find us hanging out on our front porch, searching for the best playgrounds in DC, and taking advantage of all that our nation’s capital has to offer!

About AFS 401(k)

We are an independent financial advisory team located in Bethesda, MD. We believe everyone deserves to live their best life. We are on a mission to help working Americans take control of their finances and save for their long-term future. We work with many companies, non-profits, and trade associations in the Washington, DC, and mid-Atlantic area, to help them enhance their employee benefits offering, and work directly with employees to help them take meaningful steps towards building a healthier financial life.